About the Content Cocktail

Why the content cocktail? Because I love content and I love cocktails of course! All joking aside, when I first set out to build this blog, I was a marketer who took content seriously and not just the website SEO stuff (although that’s very important) but the kind of content that people want to share and pass around. The kind of content that evokes emotion and gets people to think about things differently. The content that converts.

I am still that marketer today (and will most likely be again tomorrow) so as I was thinking about a blog about content, I couldn’t help but see the analogy between a perfectly mixed cocktail and a perfectly blended content strategy. They both have flavor, they both evoke emotions, they both cause conversations, they both make you want more.

Known for taking an extremely ‘vendor agnostic’ approach, I thrive on anonymously (meaning I don’t pitch you on my products & services the first time you meet me) building thought-leadership for myself and the brands I represent. That is exactly what this blog is all about. And it’s a perfectly blended mix of how to use content to support lead generation, nurturing campaigns, PPC/SEO, social media and overall communications.

So, read the posts and subscribe if you like it, follow me on Twitter @c_pappas and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Oh, and I also work at Eloqua.